Artificial intelligence in the ERP of the future

The artificial intelligence or AI is an area in computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines working and react like humans. We are all sure that in the coming years there will be a layer of technology that will cover all the sectors that recognize us and know us; that understands the context and the environment; to know what is happening and what is relevant to each moment, to each interaction and to the situation as a whole; that you can Odoo customize the actions, recommendations and answers based on what you can understand; and that it improves itself over time and learns autonomously.

People looking for best erp systems for manufacturing can opt for odoo erp. The artificial intelligence is an expanding technology in enterprises and – in very generics terms are integrated in different fields, including the generation of natural language(allowing devices to communicate information or ideas, particularly in reports or reports, systems customer service, etc.); in speech recognition (which transform human language into useful formats for computers to interact with them to access information), in virtual agents/ Odoo partners that are artificial intelligence programs that allow predicting and responding, conversing with humans to respond to their doubts (the chatbots, for example, that reduce the times and humanize the answers); platforms machine learning or machine learning that enable computers to act without being explicitly programmed (used to run driverless vehicles, practical speech recognition, Web search, innovation processes, etc.); in a higher degree than machine learning, deep learning platforms with a focus on Big Data and large-scale data processing would also stand out; optimized hardware with artificial intelligence ; biometric systems (for identification or verification of users); and Natural Language Processing Technologies (NLP) to extract valuable information from texts and documents and make the interactions between machines and people more effective through human language. if you are interested to know about Odoo download  and  Odoo demo, you can contact us and also we are expertise in Odoo implementation





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