The ERP Project Team – It Pays to be Strategic

Here’s where it pays to be strategic, and for manufacturers to focus on 7 steps to effectively organize an ERP project.

It Starts with the Team

When it comes to ERP selection and Odoo implementation, an effective result depends upon an effective team.

Over the years, we’ve found that an ERP selection project requires the best resources from the organization.

Putting together an effective team is one of the critical steps to a successful project. Through Odoo download the team helps with everything from requirements definition to contract negotiations.

Choosing the Team

First off, the ERP project needs a steering committee, an executive sponsor, a project manager, and a team of the best business users.

The steering committee should be made up of the senior leadership as well as the top executive from each function of the business that will be affected by the new system.

We suggest giving careful consideration to the ERP project sponsor. The executive sponsor should be the executive who is going to drive the project. In many successful projects, the sponsor is an executive who has been through an ERP project before.  They have practical experience, especially in the area of  Odoo customization.

An Empowered Team is an Effective Team
Once the project team is assembled from each of the functions impacted by the new system, they should have a clear directive. While considering erp for manufacturing industry business can look for some one who can deliver good results.

Team members should be empowered to recommend the right system for the company since it is the team that guides the rest of the organization to use the new system to improve the business. The team/Odoo partner is usually made up of 5 to 10 members representing:

• Sales & Marketing
• Customer Service/Technical Service
• R&D/Engineering
• Manufacturing
• Supply Chain
• Production
• Quality
• Plant Maintenance
• Finance
• IT

The structure of the team can be more complex if there are multiple locations involved. Bring into the project the key users and managers at different points of the project to add subject matter expertise as is also advisable to give a demo of the final product to users as this will give more insight of your product. if you are using Odoo as your ERP you can give an Odoo demo for your clients.




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