Artificial intelligence in the ERP of the future

The artificial intelligence or AI is an area in computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines working and react like humans. We are all sure that in the coming years there will be a layer of technology that will cover all the sectors that recognize us and know us; that understands the context and the environment; to know what is happening and what is relevant to each moment, to each interaction and to the situation as a whole; that you can Odoo customize the actions, recommendations and answers based on what you can understand; and that it improves itself over time and learns autonomously.

People looking for best erp systems for manufacturing can opt for odoo erp. The artificial intelligence is an expanding technology in enterprises and – in very generics terms are integrated in different fields, including the generation of natural language(allowing devices to communicate information or ideas, particularly in reports or reports, systems customer service, etc.); in speech recognition (which transform human language into useful formats for computers to interact with them to access information), in virtual agents/ Odoo partners that are artificial intelligence programs that allow predicting and responding, conversing with humans to respond to their doubts (the chatbots, for example, that reduce the times and humanize the answers); platforms machine learning or machine learning that enable computers to act without being explicitly programmed (used to run driverless vehicles, practical speech recognition, Web search, innovation processes, etc.); in a higher degree than machine learning, deep learning platforms with a focus on Big Data and large-scale data processing would also stand out; optimized hardware with artificial intelligence ; biometric systems (for identification or verification of users); and Natural Language Processing Technologies (NLP) to extract valuable information from texts and documents and make the interactions between machines and people more effective through human language. if you are interested to know about Odoo download  and  Odoo demo, you can contact us and also we are expertise in Odoo implementation






ERP for manufacturing

Manufacturing companies are faced with major challenges today: customers are expecting fast deliveries more than ever before, the sales price of the finished product is under pressure, and that while the quality is constantly being raised. Efficiently streamlined business processes are the key to success here. Odoo Implementation & Odoo customization is the solution for both complex process manufacturing companies where the finished product is a result of a formula or a complicated configuration as for the more traditional manufacturing environments. All companies looking for manufacturing erp can look for odoo erp.

To address these challenges, critical factors need to be addressed. In such cases, a genuine Odoo partner can solve all your business requirements.

  • Integration of different systems through adequate planning
  • Operational flexibility
  • Transparency in traceability
  • Quality assurance

manufactures can look for Odoo demo if they want to know how the vendor will solve their business requirements. if u have no idea about how to download Odoo here we mention Odoo download for you

ERP for manufacturing industry
ERP for manufacturing industry


The ERP Project Team – It Pays to be Strategic

Here’s where it pays to be strategic, and for manufacturers to focus on 7 steps to effectively organize an ERP project.

It Starts with the Team

When it comes to ERP selection and Odoo implementation, an effective result depends upon an effective team.

Over the years, we’ve found that an ERP selection project requires the best resources from the organization.

Putting together an effective team is one of the critical steps to a successful project. Through Odoo download the team helps with everything from requirements definition to contract negotiations.

Choosing the Team

First off, the ERP project needs a steering committee, an executive sponsor, a project manager, and a team of the best business users.

The steering committee should be made up of the senior leadership as well as the top executive from each function of the business that will be affected by the new system.

We suggest giving careful consideration to the ERP project sponsor. The executive sponsor should be the executive who is going to drive the project. In many successful projects, the sponsor is an executive who has been through an ERP project before.  They have practical experience, especially in the area of  Odoo customization.

An Empowered Team is an Effective Team
Once the project team is assembled from each of the functions impacted by the new system, they should have a clear directive. While considering erp for manufacturing industry business can look for some one who can deliver good results.

Team members should be empowered to recommend the right system for the company since it is the team that guides the rest of the organization to use the new system to improve the business. The team/Odoo partner is usually made up of 5 to 10 members representing:

• Sales & Marketing
• Customer Service/Technical Service
• R&D/Engineering
• Manufacturing
• Supply Chain
• Production
• Quality
• Plant Maintenance
• Finance
• IT

The structure of the team can be more complex if there are multiple locations involved. Bring into the project the key users and managers at different points of the project to add subject matter expertise as is also advisable to give a demo of the final product to users as this will give more insight of your product. if you are using Odoo as your ERP you can give an Odoo demo for your clients.




Open Source ERP

The goal of ERP isn’t simply to provide a unified application interface for every aspect of a company’s business process — it also tries to include the inherent data-mining, Odoo implementation that goes along with it. But while JD Edwards, Oracle, SAP, and others have invested significant resources in building ERP software that’s customizable enough for any business, these companies have also forced the price of the software to heights many businesses just can’t afford.If you are choosing Odoo ERP for your business you can actually save huge software license cost since Odoo is an open source ERP. Most of the Odoo vendors has Odoo demo feature to assist their clients.

A large part of ERP’s high price tag goes toward the army of business process and programming consultants needed to customize commercial software for individual business operations.Odoo partner  Access to open source ERP application code by Odoo download, on the other hand, means you can accomplish this customization in-house, while avoiding hefty software licensing fees to boot. By doing Odoo customization you can actually save many bucks comparing to other ERPs.




Customer Relationship Management Strategies Part Four: Strategies and Case Study


Keeping in mind the three main components of CRM, the customer, the relationship, and management, we will expand on specific customer relationship management (CRM) system strategies that will help you realize your investment. erp for manufacturing company can deliver fast results in business success.

Some crucial strategies you must adopt are

  • Develop specific, measurable goals
  • Establish ROI strategy to achieve your goals
  • Build the technical framework
  • Identify explicit sales and marketing strategies
  • Outline Internet strategies
  • Develop and maintain customer satisfaction metrics. erp for manufacturing can deliver quick results.

Develop specific, measurable goals

Vague, abstract mission statements were pervasive in the business culture of the 1980s. With the advent of Odoo customization, a lot of problems with CRM has solved.Companies sought to motivate their employees by posting catchy slogans and ambiguous corporate agendas all over their office spaces. Statements like to provide the best quality or to provide quality customer service are all positive goals that employees want to strive for. However, these mission statements are hard to live up to if there is not a substantial measure of the standard to compare to. Quality and Best are all unquantifiable. contact us for free crm software online

Create your catchy mission statements but find ways to quantify the results. Set specific and measurable goals. For example, increase your revenue by x percent, decrease product exchanges by y amount, increase profit margin by x dollars, decrease attrition by y percent. If you want to increase the quality of your product, consider what happens when your products are less than 100 percent quality. Do you spend more money replacing the product? Odoo implementation by Odoo partners More dollars are spent servicing products still under warranty. Does your call center experience more calls? Is there high wastage? Do you set out to decrease money spent on replacement products or parts by $100,000, or decrease call volume by 40 percent, or decrease wastage by half? These are goals your employees can understand and strive for.if are interested to know about Odoo download & Odoo demo get in touch with us.




ERP Software introduction in 2019

The abbreviation ERP stands for the English term “Enterprise Resource Planning”, also referred to in German as “planning of company resources”. In general, standard software solutions that control the business process and evaluate (controlling) with ERP are indicated. The term “planning” is a bit misleading because it is actually a collection of operational data. ERP software are also called inventory management programs.

Within a company, each department (purchasing, sales, logistics, human resources, accounting, etc.) can use the  ERP for manufacturing  industry to manage relevant data; All information is stored in a single central database and the data must be entered only once. Businesses can work faster, more efficiently and more reliably.

Your company, your organization would like to acquire an ERP software, but which one?
There are many software vendors in the market and a lot of different ERP software. Anyone who can no longer see the forest for the trees can be accompanied by the independent, non-binding and free initiative ERP software in search of the right ERP program.

This blog is intended to help companies considering acquiring ERP find their way around the market. In addition, this blog provides an opportunity for ERP vendors to report on their latest developments, so that the target group can quickly keep up to date.

Basically, you can subdivide the ERP software into two main groups:

In general ERP software and in action-oriented solutions.

If you are looking for suitable ERP general ERP software and in action-oriented solutions. software or Odoo implementation, you can either opt for a general ERP or for a specific one. Anyone who works equally well in his company in several areas of activity (eg manufacturing and trade) should determine where the actual focus is, or could look more closely at the general solutions. In any case, the company should look in the appropriate category (s) to see if it has something to show for its activity.ERP software

The following coarse division of activities is common:

  • production

  • trade

  • service

The next subdivision looks like this:


  • Series production (small batch production)

  • discrete manufacturing/contract manufacturing / and industrial service
  • process manufacturing

  • Plant engineering (mechanical engineering) u. projects


  • Wholesale

  • Retail

  • Mail Order / Online Store

Service: here are only advisory, supplying u.ä. Services meant; So no manufacturing, such as industrial services, because they are covered by the manufacturing activity.

This filter is then usually followed by the industry filter: eg food, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemicals, etc.

 There is a level of sophistication for some companies:

In the food sector, for example, there is ERP software for the meat processing industry or also software for beer and mineral water bottles. Odoo manufacturing gives faster business success.

We arranged the articles of the ERP-providers clearly to the sub-groups (production trade and service) and hope thus to offer the reader a user-friendly information site.